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“Traci, you have worked a miracle! I’ve gone from an overly aggressive, scared, and fairly shy person, to a compassionate, caring, and empathic listener, now capable to speak to any size of audience. As my “Be” coach, you’ve done an incredible feat to help me get through my challenges, so now I am very capable of truly connecting with people during my sales cycle and during coaching sessions, leading me to have an excellent business in less than one year!
”With your help, my clients are getting the results they deserve, because I’m the coach who is doing what it takes. We at ActionCOACH talk about working harder on yourself than on your job, and you’ve provided me the mechanism to do just that. I’m very proud to consider you to be one of the major reasons I’ve had an incredible jump start in my ActionCOACH business. Thank you so much Traci, you ROCK!!”

Doug Winnie
Doug Winnie ActionCOACH Business Coach,
Houston, TX

"Traci has a brilliant way of conveying her message to the audience. Her stories are real and if you can't relate to some of the challenges she describes then you need to keep living and remember her advice and strategies."

Roderick Gilliam
Roderick Gilliam Broker, St. Louis

"I started working with Traci because we were doing a lot of the right things, had a solid strategy and plan, and we were stuck... for months.

The business was good but not where we wanted it to be, I was starting to get bored, and I was frustrated that a lot of effort wasn't producing what we needed. So if the plan was good and the activity was good and we weren't getting the results we wanted, the answer had to be ME! Something in my mindset was holding me back.

Traci showed me what motivates me to stop procrastinating, and also what causes it - what stops me in my tracks. And she's shown me how to use that information to re-think my daily activity so it's back to productive and fun again. I'm way less stressed, playing to my strengths and having fun. I no longer feel torn between the business, my family and my health. And guess what - business is UP! We ended the year with one of our best months in 10 years!"

Susan Thomson
Susan Thomson CEO, Executive Business Coach, Madison, WI

"I recently asked Traci Duez to speak at our St. Louis, PMI Dinner Meeting. She was really a hit with the audience as she scored a Superior as gauged by our respondents feedback.

On a person level, I attended Traci's seminar the next day and found that I was able to utilize the learnings each day in my present position as Lead Project Manager for a major fortune 500 company. Traci offered fresh and current insight that was sorely needed in my everyday interactions with my colleagues as well as my family.

As anyone who knows me well would say, I don't give cheap endorsements or compliments, but Traci just knocked it out of the park. I look forward to future presentations and seminars as I consider Traci Duez a superbly gifted and wise presenter."

Michael Nease
Michael Nease Sr. P.M., St. Louis

“…I was tired of the PDU standard venues and decided to try something new. All I can say is “WOW!” That person on the team who drove me over the edge – Traci’s coaching gave me the tools to solve. The beating my head against the wall because nobody would give the project the same priority – Traci’s coaching gave me the tools to solve. Those roadblocks that occur again and again in my projects – Traci’s coaching gave me the tools to solve. I had an ah-ha! every session. Like project management, this process is not for the faint of heart. It demands courage, boldness, decisiveness, curiosity and a commitment to be the best “me.” It was the best investment I have made in obtaining PM PDUs. I plan to go through it again and I can’t say that about any sources for PM PDUs I’ve attended to this point!”

Teresa Burgess
Teresa Burgess Director, Oklahoma City

"Traci has an uncanny ability to engage an audience in an otherwise arcane subject and make it not only palatable, but engaging and pertinent. Frank, funny and, passionate are characteristics she brings to the floor with a level of honesty that's not often heard. You're doing yourself and your career a big favor if you see Traci speak on axiology and how it applies to life."

Thomas Fischer
Thomas Fischer Engineering Mgr, Buffalo, NY

“I attended Traci’s Leadership Brilliance Workshop. Traci has an excellent understanding of psychology and how the brain works, and, given this understanding provides an excellent framework for how people can approach situations to achieve the best outcomes.”

Roger Ellson
Roger Ellson PMP, CSM, CSPO, Software Engineering Manager at Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc.

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“This course takes the soft skills and humorously and successfully show how it improves the hard skills at your organization. Best course I have taken at PMI hands down!! Traci is exceptional. Laugh and Learn and join the fun.”

Michelle Curtis
Michelle Curtis Senior Program Analyst, 
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, D.C.

About Traci

Traci is an accomplished and sought-after coach, mentor, and speaker. She is highly recommended for project management and leadership development workshops. In just the past four years, Traci has spoken at over 100 national and international events including places like Trinidad, Canada, and Amsterdam.

Traci’s mind-growing capabilities help you break free from current challenges by teaching you how to raise your level of thinking. Traci focuses on helping you find the 5 P’s in life: purpose, power, peace, passion, and prosperity.

For over a decade, Traci has spoken at over 90 different organizations (many of them more than once) including three PMI North America Global Congresses and one PMI EMEA Global Congress.

Over 17,000 leaders, executives, business owners and managers have heard her keynote presentations, attended her workshops, and participated in her corporate training events. She has pages of terrific reviews and gratitude letters from listeners and students including over 140 recommendations on LinkedIn alone!

If you are tired of the same old leadership development and team building talks, give Traci a call.

You won’t be disappointed.

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