MYTH: A Leader’s Primary Focus is on Leading Others

🤔 Wait, what? How is that a myth?

Well, this myth might seem like it should not be a myth. It’s the truth, right? Leaders have to be good at leading others; otherwise, they wouldn’t be leaders. Yet, what have we experienced about leadership in the past? Just because someone is in a leadership position, it doesn’t mean they are a true leader. We’ve heard leaders say that “Leadership is influence.” This has been a popular definition of leadership for decades, if not longer.

Influence means getting others to do what you want them to do. That’s manipulation, not leadership. Leadership is much more than influence and motivation.

FACT: The Best Leaders Focus on Clarity

A few numbers from McKinsey & Company:

  • 66.7% of employees say their sense of purpose comes from their work
  • 82% of employees believe that it’s important for their company to have a clearly defined purpose
  • 93% of employees, once inspired by a company’s credible purpose (meaning it isn’t just words on a wall), say they are likely to recommend that company to others

An organization’s purpose is crucial. It addresses the essential question of “why”—a question that employees now expect their leaders to satisfy with regard to the workplace.

The best leaders don’t focus on influence. Why? Because they know that clarity around purpose, strategy, and responsibilities will inspire and motivate them to do the work. So, they focus on clarity. Clarity of purpose and clarity of thought are the keys. In order to be clear about these things, a leader must focus on themselves and, more specifically, their message.

As Christopher Avery, Ph.D. says, “Leaders must focus on their own authenticity and integrity so they can face their own anxieties as well as the major anxiety of their team, and point to a path through the trouble saying ‘follow me’.”

The real essence of leadership starts with self-leadership.

The question isn’t “What do I need to do to make them do their job?”

The question is: “Who do I need to be so that they will trust me, join me, and willingly follow me?” 

As a leader, you possess a special opportunity to guide your team, your organization, and your community toward a better tomorrow by creating clarity. So, your first job is to create clarity for yourself. You need to identify and utilize your best thinking, find your voice, and align your approach with your brilliance to be that leader!

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