We all know that the only way to reach our goals is to take massive action. Sitting around and waiting for good fortune to join you on your couch is not a good idea.

Now the “action” can take the form of actual work that we do or the work of pulling together a team to get the work accomplished. In any case, it takes massive action to create the value that we want to create in our lives and the lives of others.

Massive Action

So, how do you create massive action? I mean, if you’re like me, sometimes you just don’t feel like it. Especially after 2020, the year with one disaster, tragedy, challenge, and obstacle after another. After all of that, we’re exhausted and drained because we’ve been tested in ways that we’ve never been tested before.

Passive Action

Let’s look at passive action. This approach to our goals focuses on things that are outside of our control. The economy, the pandemic, the social crises, the weather… all of these are completely outside of our control. 

If you look at the TEAR framework, you can see why passive action happens. 

So, our actions produce our results. So what causes our actions? Actions require energy and this energy in human beings mainly comes from our emotions.  (Yes, Red Bull and Starbucks can impact our energy as well.) Emotion is Energy in Motion. 

Many of us take a passive approach to our emotions. We may believe that emotions just happen… that emotions are caused by these outside forces… that emotion is just something we have and we must try to deal with them as it is what has been dealt to us. 

What if that’s not true? What if you were able to actively manage and control your emotions? Then, you would be able to take an active approach to your actions.


You can! As you can see in the TEAR framework, your thoughts can create your emotions. Your thinking is the foundation of everything you do. Yes, everything!  I’m using the term “thoughts” very broadly here. Thoughts can be your conscious thinking as well as the subconscious beliefs, values,  perceptions, cognitive assets, and cognitive biases (amongst other mental capacities of your brain).  

You can be in complete control of what you think about and choose to continue to think about. You control your focus. Your thoughts lead to your emotions.

Let’s do a quick exercise. Are you in?  😉  I want you to think back vividly to a time in your life that was the most heartbreaking and heart-wrenching. Did you just swallow hard as I did? Can you feel the heaviness in your chest or stomach? Do you sense that your face isn’t smiling? Where is this feeling coming from?  You aren’t actually in this situation right now, are you?

The emotion and the feelings came from your thinking. It came from what you were choosing to experience in your mind.

Let’s continue the experiment. I want you to think about a time in your life when you experienced great joy or great pride. Think of everything that was in your surroundings. Picture it in your mind as vividly as you can. Ok, did you notice that your face smile a bit? I know that mine did. Can you feel the energy within you? What does it feel like?  Now, where did that emotion come from?

Yep, it originated from your thinking. When you choose to think about this pleasant, pleasing memory, your brain triggered your body to respond. 

How can you apply this?

Great question! So let’s look at the TEAR framework in reverse.

If you know that result you want, do you know one of the actions you need to take to get there? I’m talking about a specific action, not a general action. For instance, the action could be ‘get healthier,’ but that isn’t something you can actually do right now. It comprises several different actions, from eating healthier to exercising to meditation, etc. So, let’s say you want to exercise 4-5 days per week.  On the days that you plan to exercise, what emotions will support your actions? What do you need to feel at that moment to exercise?  Take a moment to think about the actions you want to take and what emotions you want to feel to have the energy to take that action.

Ok, the last step of the TEAR framework… what thoughts can you consciously think to create the emotions and feelings that will give you the energy to take that action? For me, I don’t want to think about sleeping or how tired I am before exercising. That is counterproductive. I choose to think about living into my 100’s and how I want to be contributing and living an active life for another 4 or 5 decades. (Now, I know some of you can’t imagine living that long  and might not have that same goal, so use your own goals here.) 

What thoughts can you think that will produce the emotion and energy to take the action that you need to reach your goals and outcomes?

When you master this process you will be able to take massive action because you will no longer be passive about your emotional energy and thinking.

Give it a try!

I’ve created a cheat sheet for you to use in the process and also scheduled a webinar Masterclass that I encourage you to attend.

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