WOW! The world is really changing as I write this. Thousands are dying from COVID-19 virus and millions are being forced to live a life separate from the ones they love and from the events & experiences they love.

Important note: The inspiration for this article comes from the music industry and folks like Ashley McBryde, Brad Paisley, and Patrice Pike (to name just a few) who have been freely sharing their gifts with us on Facebook with concerts from their living rooms. This brought such a smile to my face that I wanted to do the same. So, here goes…

How can I help during these uncertain times?

As I’ve taught you in many of these articles, I am a true believer that EVERYTHING we experience comes from our perceptions and our thoughts about our circumstances (and not the circumstances themselves). However, during stressful times, we often feel like we don’t and can’t control our thinking. That our emotions and feelings control our thoughts.

Let’s experiment

Try to plug your ears and not listen for a few seconds. And, let’s also close your eyes for a few seconds (after you read this, of course. 😉 Now, focus on your breathing and relax your muscles. In that moment of relaxation, what do you feel?

OK? Now, I want you to look at the image below. What do you feel when you look at the image below?

Sunrise at Traci’s Home in Sugar Land, TX

Think about it… Is it the picture that is causing the feelings OR is it how you are thinking about the picture that is causing the feelings?

Your Amazing Mind

So, what does this have to do with peace of mind in turbulent, uncertain times?

Great question!

During these unsettling times, the human brain can become overwhelmed with all of the information and emotion. During this overwhelm, the brain doesn’t take the time and energy to “think,” it only reacts. So, when it sees someone who appears to be panicking, your brain thinks that it, too, should panic. When we see someone sad, it thinks you should also feel sad.

For nerds like me, it’s what neuroscientists and other medical folks call the “open-loop limbic system.” Emotions arise in our brains from the work of several anatomical structures that collectively make up the limbic system. Unlike many systems in our body that are closed loops—like the circulatory or digestive systems—neuroscientists view the limbic system as an open-loop. It responds to stimuli outside the body and tunes itself accordingly.

What does that mean?

It means that if you watch a child who is crying because she spilled her milk. She is likely to be upset until someone comforts her. If, before she is comforted, another child hears her cries, that child may start crying too. Emotions are contagious! It’s part of what makes us human and social beings.

So, again, what does this have to do with peace of mind in turbulent, uncertain times?

Well, someone has to be the thermostat. Yes, emotions are contagious and we still have control over what we do with that emotion. As we learned from the experiment above… if, in fact, it is your thinking about an observation, situation, or experience that determines your feelings, then, if you can learn to master your mind, you will be able to master your emotions and feelings, right? Rather than being the open-loop thermometer, you will become the thermostat that sets the emotional temperature.

But, that’s hard!

Yes, your brain has been programmed throughout your life to see things in a certain way. Yet, your brain can decide at any moment to choose to look at any situation from a different perspective. So, your mind CAN take other perspectives. Let’s use this to your advantage!

Now the question becomes… how do I know which perspectives to take?

Well, this is how I want to help!

(Here’s my “free concert on Facebook” except without the guitar, without my singing and well, without Facebook.)

I want to offer you our amazing technology that allows you to take a look inside your brain. It will only take 10 minutes of your time.

So, here’s my offer to you:

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How does that sound?

Are you ready to get started?

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