In this month’s blog post, I have a special (free) offer for you… the chance to participate in an exclusive global study and the opportunity to learn more about yourself, your thinking, your behaviors, and your motivators so you can use your gifts and talents to create the life and career that you desire.

A little background…

Earlier this year, I started a new company called CCR3 LLC with a partner in Scotland named Gerry. Gerry owns a multi-million dollar performance management company (also named CCR3) and wanted to bring it to the US. He partnered with me to do just that.

Gerry (I’m saying that with my best Scottish accent) has an amazing background that includes a physics degree and time in the British Special Forces. And one of Gerry’s passions is research. Currently, he is working in collaboration with a British Chartered Psychologist to answer the question in the subject line: What predicts a person’s success?

I am inviting YOU to take part in this global study to help reveal the modern-day psychological qualities that predict success, enabling someone to feel good and function well personally and professionally.

In return, you will get an amazing gift!

Step #1:

When you take 20-25 minutes to complete the 3-part assessment, you will receive a free 30+ page report that will illuminate your thinking, your behaviors, and your motivators.

Your true self will be illuminated. You’ll receive a Discovery Process® report via email which is 100% about you – revealing insights around your self-awareness, E.Q., values, thinking styles, natural talents, leadership ability and state of well-being. We know this type of self-knowledge is very useful and also, pretty cool to know.

We will share the findings of our study with you when it is complete so you know what to look for and measure in yourself and in others, and what you need to be your best – information never available outside a study like this. It’s confidential, anonymous and encrypted, so your data sets are safe! We are also fully GDPR compliant.

Important Note:

There is no marketing or sales involved, this is 100% to enhance knowledge – for working well and living well, within your business and personal communities. I think you’ll find the process fascinating.

Step #2:

Register for the free webinar!


I truly hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to participate in this global study AND learn more about you so you can accelerate your success. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Just reply to this email and I’ll be happy to help.

Be sure to complete BOTH steps…
participate in the study AND register for the webinar.

See you on July 24th! (Register today!)

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