New Skills DO NOT lead
to Improved Performance or Results

Vicious CycleWhat? That can’t be true!

Think about it… how often have you wanted certain results or outcomes in your life, so you took a class, bought an online course, attended a conference or seminar… you heard or great ideas and learned new concepts maybe even developed a new skill or talent… BUT, you didn’t implement those ideas?

Something is missing!

Yes. Because skills and knowledge DO NOT LEAD to results! In the upcoming webinar, you’ll learn about the missing link that is so often overlooked because many people believe that it can’t be measured. What is it?? Cognition or thinking… and it can be measured.

Positive Self-Talk DOES NOT lead to

I'm a WinnerYou’ve probably heard success gurus rave about the use of positive affirmations or “I am” statements. They encourage you to create and speak these “I am” statements every morning and that your mind will then magically manifest those things in your life. They will even give you some information about the brain’s reticular activating system (RAS) and how those statements trigger your subconscious.

Listen, I’m not knocking positive affirmations but a study published in 2009 from Joanne Wood of University of Waterloo shows that these statements provide POWER to some and PERIL to others.

In the free webinar, you’ll learn a better approach that will work for you because it’s based on how you, specifically, think… not a one-size fits all approach.


Knowledge DOES NOT EQUAL Power

PowerAre your goals in 2017 to LEARN more? If you are simply taking a course or attending a conference to gain more knowledge, please understand that it MIGHT NOT help you reach your goal.

You must USE that knowledge to take action! That’s when the knowledge turns into power… when you add action to it.

The free webinar will introduce you to an interactional process and story in which the main character is YOU! You are to take specific actions during the webinar to put the knowledge into action in the context of your life.

Change requires action!

This webinar comes with a workbook to help you do just that… take action that will lead to more accomplishments in 2017!

Free Webinar on Dec 15 and 16, 2017.

Learn how to master your own mind and use your best thinking to Kick Start your New Year!!

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