“Launching” Your Project

business_man_ride_rocket_150_wht_7841I’ve been doing a lot of reading and learning lately about successful “product” launches and then I got to thinking…

Why don’t we have more PROJECT LAUNCHES?!?

So what’s a “launch”? Well, a product launch is the debut of a product into the market. The product launch signifies the point at which consumers first have access to a new product. But up until the launch, there is a pre-launch. That’s the key to drumming up support and excitement about the product.

So, one of the best “launchers” in the business is Jeff Walker, creator of the PLF (Product Launch Formula). He has some free videos available of his latest material. IT is AWESOME stuff!! I think you as a project manager or leader can learn to apply this formula to all of the projects that you are planning… you can even apply it to different phases of a project or milestones.

Just as there is a process to successful Project Management, there is a process for successful launches. Jeff teaches all of the best practices.

In this first video, you’ll learn:

  • You have to launch if you’re going to survive – it’s no longer good to “just release” your product or just open the doors of your new business
  • How to have a successful product or business launch (and avoid a broken launch!)
  • Why the gap between the broken launches and the successful launches has never been bigger – and how to make sure your launch is one of the successful ones
  • How to use sequences to create an amazing launch
  • How to layer the Mental Triggers into your prelaunch sequence so your product is magnetically attractive

Yes, in these videos, Jeff will be talking about products, but take a look. I think you will pick up many ideas that you can apply to your projects and life as well.

[button_3 text=”get-instant-access.png” align=”center” href=”https://yj227.isrefer.com/go/sideways/breakfree” new_window=”Y”/]

open_mind_skies_the_limit_400_clr_17072Jeff Walker’s students have done hundreds of millions of dollars in business and product launches… so when he talks, I listen and I learn.

So, click the link above and check out Jeff’s powerful training… it’s 100% free!

What’s the catch? Jeff will offer a paid program for doing product launches.

However, the information in the FREE videos is what you’ll want to adapt to your projects!!

HURRY!! I don’t know how long Jeff will leave these videos online.

Let’s launch our projects and create a buzz and excitement around them.
Allow people the opportunity to WANT to participate and add value to the work that they are doing!

Open your mind and LAUNCH… the skies the limit!!

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