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“The Charged Life”

October 2012


In Brandon Burchard’s book, The Charge, (get a free copy while supplies last) he discusses living a charged life versus the other types of lives we can live. Brandon has been studying human performance for 15 years. He says, “… people can make [dramatic transformations] in their day-to-day lives when they simply choose to climb out of the half-lit mediocrity of an unengaged and unfulfilling existence.” He goes on to say that it helps to know where you are in the three very different kinds of lives.

I want to explore these from an axiological perspective. (I know that’s shocking, isn’t it? 😉

So in axiology there is a hierarchy or order of value. This hierarchy applies to all things in life. It is based in mathematics and comes from Dr. Robert S. Hartman’s theory of goodness. We won’t get into that here but I do want to show you the hierarchy of value and show you how it links to Brandon’s work and your life.

Value Dimension Description
 Highest  Intrinsic Human beings. Concepts that are whole even if you take something away.
n Middle  Extrinsic Finitely valuable. Things, materials, resources. Measurable, tangible stuff.
1 Lowest  Systemic Binary. It either is or isn’t. These are mental contructs, ideas, expectations, rules, policies, things we make up in our minds.

Mathematically, ∞ > n > 1 so Intrinsic > Extrinsic > Systemic. When you value in this order, you will be adding or creating value in the world. When you ‘transpose’ value or put something of lesser value above something of greater value, you will naturally take away value or diminish the value that is added to the world.

In Brandon’s book, there are three ‘lives’. The lowest is aligned with what we call the systemic. He calls it a “Caged Life“. These are people who are caged by their past or the expectations of others or their own expectations (usually of perfection). They never really venture out of their cocoon and into the unknown. They don’t seek to break through the boundaries that others have set for them.They often feel that the world has backed them into a corner, into a certain way of being, a certain lifestyle and it won’t let them escape. They feel like victims. In this obedient, imprisoned life we feel repressed and locked in. We feel restless and sometimes powerless to get out. Not all of us have broken out of our cages and some of us never will.

The good news is that there are usually (systemically speaking) two ways out. One is by chance and the other is by will. Choosing and making good value judgments on a consistent basis will provide you with the will.

The second life is a “Comfortable Life“. This life is focused on the extrinsic, the things of life. Through dedication and work we have found independence, opportunity and success. We have a house, cars, family and of course, iPhones. Then one day, someone asks you how you’re doing and you say, “Fine.” It is then that you realize that you have no idea what “fine” means. You’ve got it good but don’t know how you ended up so, well… comfortable. Where did your drive and ambition go? While the caged life feels constrained by external forces, you know that the comfortable life is limited by your own satisfaction with success.

One living the caged life asks “Will I survive?”
One living the comfortable life asks “will I succeed?”
One living the charged life asks “will I be significant?”

The highest level of living (aligned with the intrinsic, highest dimension of value) is a “Charged Life“. When we live the charged life, we look for challenges that will add value to the world and to ourselves. We don’t worry about expectations or making waves; we worry about doing what’s meaningful and fulfilling. Sure, hurt, controversy, and detours happen along the way but we meet them with full presence in the now and push on. To the Caged and Comfortable, the Charged life may look difficult and overwhelming, something unattainable. Yet those living the Charged life are quite grounded and were once caged and/or comfortable. Those living the Charged Life are not different from anyone else. If there is a difference it is very simple – the difference is in how they respond to their perspectives and perception of the world and themselves.

Those living the Charged Life consistently practice being conscious of their reactions and their realities. Here are seven attributes of Chargers:

  1. Chargers are open and observant of the moment.
  2. Chargers are future oriented. They are in the present with a long-time perspective.
  3. Chargers are challenge seekers.
  4. Chargers are deeply interested in authentically connecting with others.
  5. Chargers are self-reliant and resourceful.
  6. Chargers are creatively driven and expressive of their unique perspectives.
  7. Chargers are meaning makers. They look to add significance and value in everything they choose to do.

For those living caged, life can be mind-numbing.
For those living comfortably, life can be mysterious.
For those living charged, life can be magical.

Understanding your thinking and valuing perspectives will help you respond better to your perception of the world and yourself. We, at Break Free Consulting, can show you how to improve your thinking by using the principles and practices of neuro-axiology. We will help you to become a charger and live a charged life!

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I’m wishing you a significant, fulfilling, magical day.

(Read more of Brandon’s book to learn how to activate the ten human drives that make you feel alive.)



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“The person living the Charged Life wonders, Am I living my truth and actualizing my potential? Am I living an inspired life and inspiring others?

– Brandon Burchard, The Charge


A person who doubts himself is like a man who would enlist in the ranks of his enemies and bear arms against himself.”

Alexander Dumas


Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.

– Janice Joplin


There is vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one you in all time, this expression is unique. And, if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.

– Martha Graham


Our purpose is to consciously, deliberately evolve towards a wiser, more liberated and luminous state of being.

– Tony Robbins




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